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  • Business Manager State of The Local
    Posted On: Jan 31, 2018

    Business Manager State of the Local

    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

    Local Union 682

    January 30, 2018

    Greetings Brothers and Sisters of I.B.E.W. Local Union 682. I hope everyone is having a happy New Year and this finds everyone doing well!

    We have jumped into this new year with both feet as it started off right away with the situation in Puerto Rico and the unprecedented restoration response we were asked to participate in. Along with that the new MOU on the NTLC took effect Jan 1. Needless to say these have been divisive issues to say the least, but I’m confident we can still stand together at the end of the day. Challenges like these test us but I believe we can come through the proverbial fire stronger than we were before.

    Our Local has made some big strides these past 6 months. We have managed to get our website back up and running, we have addressed several major membership issues that have been nagging the Local, and I believe we have started to move beyond the divisive internal politics of the past. There is still plenty of work ahead of us in these areas but these are great steps in the right direction.

    As we move deeper into this year I have several new focus areas for the Local. Safety and Training are the subjects of this focus. These are areas that greatly impact the lives of the membership in our day to day job functions so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that these are focus areas for us. So much of our day to day work is touched by Safety and Training.

    The IBEW has always had a focus on safety from its inception. It’s one of the founding principles of our organization and a driver behind everything our Union does. Anything less than this level of focus would be doing a disservice to current members, as well as those that have come before us and fought these fights already. And it is why I feel we need to be more involved in the day to day aspects of it.

    The IBEW Code of Excellence program lays out that we as a labor union want to provide “The Highest Quality of Work and Utilize the Best Skills” in the performance of our job duties. In order to do that it requires a focus on the training so we can be that best option for an employer to turn to. Considering the state that some of the training programs are in across the various departments we have a long road ahead. However, I feel confident that together we can get them to where they need to be if we all put in the work necessary to get them there.

    Going forward we hope to be able to utilize our website in an effort to improve the overall communications with you the members, as well as provide another platform to obtain information with regards to our MOA (Memorandum of Agreement or “the contract”) and any MOU’s (Memorandum of Understanding) that are in effect, and to also provide another source for any forms/documents you may need. Please feel free to contact any officer or e-board member if you have ideas for how to improve the site in the future. One suggestion already given, as an example, is to set up a private e-mail account for contract proposals to be sent to at any time so we don’t lose ideas outside of a negotiation year. As a result of the suggestion that’s exactly what we are working on now. So look for that address in the near future.

    I anticipate 2018 will be just as interesting a year as all the others have turned out to be. We will continue to work through the issues in front of us now along with addressing those that we haven’t seen in our crystal ball. And we will continue to do it by attempting to apply the basic tenet of “Do the Right Thing” to each of those situations. The one thing none of us Officers, Executive Board Members, or even Stewards can do though is to do it alone! We are, and always will be, stronger together when working toward a common cause.

    In Solidarity,

    Jason Wilson

    Business Manager/Financial Secretary

    I.B.E.W. Local Union 682

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