International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 682
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  • Chris Windnegel President Local 682
    Updated On: Feb 39, 2021

    Brothers and Sisters of Local 682, I wanted to give you a quick update of current events within the local. As we all know, COVID has left us with many challenges to overcome – particularly as it concerns meeting in groups, and holding arbitration hearings. Though the I.O. has not sanctioned regular meetings to date, the Executive Board of Local 682 continues to meet as scheduled monthly via Teams conference to conduct all regular business. We would like to have the home and sub-local meeting schedules back on track, but we’re not there yet.                                              

     We are alive and well and business marches on. Your grievances are being heard, and we’re increasing the pace at which they’re being completed. COVID ground us down to a halt for a few months, but we’ve been utilizing the technology at hand to continue meeting with Labor Relations in the interest of seeking resolutions. Our officers and stewards have continued our commitment to being on site with you for grievance hearings.                                       

    Bob Rommelt moved up the chain during the last election and is now handling Per Capita reports, direct dealings with the I.O. and all duties of the Business Manager/Financial Secretary. If you have payroll deduct/dues questions, seek him out and he’ll help you sort it out.                                                                                                                               

    My number is listed on the main page. Feel free to reach out to me with issues and concerns or pick any officer or E-Board member on that page and we’ll get you headed in the right direction. You can also get your local Steward involved to help you mediate issues with management in your yard. If you don’t know your nearest Steward, we’ll help you find him or her.                                                                                                                                                     

    Please back us up and reach out to any co-workers in your yard who are not members and help us expand our ranks. Reach out and take the steps to becoming a Steward, or see if you can fill an officer spot in your sub-local. Steward classes have been postponed due to COVID, but if you’re interested, we’ll help you through it. Our contract allows us to meet with new hires to discuss joining the Union. If you know someone who has been hired into a Bargaining Unit position under the radar, let us know. We’ve been picking up new members by attending the new hire classes and speaking to groups there. Code of Excellence training has been picking up. If you would like to have one scheduled, seek out the U8 office – Phil Howard. I recommend everyone takes the course.                                                           

    The U-8 System Committee meets later this month and all five locals will be well represented and onhand to work on the issues being faced by the entire system.                                                                                                                 

    New year, same expectations. Double down on safety in 2021 – top priority! Watch out for the Brother or Sister next to you. Continue to be the company’s best option and best labor that can be found.                                                           

     I’ll speak for the entire E-Board and say that we are proud to represent you and look forward to working together to keep Local 682 and SCU-8 strong. We’re all in this together.                                                                                           

    In solidarity, ~

    ~Chris Windnagel - President, IBEW 682

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